23 April, 2014

In 1930, If You Were A Fortune Teller...

Nomads. Gypsies. Bedouin. Drifters. Seekers. Diviners.

Part of the definition of a Gypsy:
"A member of a traveling people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and traditionally live by seasonal work, itinerant trade, and fortune telling"

The archetype of a Wanderer, Nomad or Gypsy is a restless, curious, playful, yet strangely wise energy. 

My Mother was raised in Scotland in the 1930s and she always said that
if you ever met a real Wanderer or Gypsy, their eyes were years older than their bodies. You trusted you were in the presence of a true diviner. 

She also spoke about the discrimination, the poverty they experienced. That her grandfather was spit on by 'Decent Folks' for hiring them for his carnival. Then she would shake her head at the hypocrisy of the rich ladies sneaking down to the camps in "safe" groups of three and four to have their fortunes told. 

The real secret of the Gypsies was not in their fortune telling, but in their life telling

Feminine intuition and deduction, without the strictures of a state religion, allowed the females to develop senses that were encouraged to be dormant in religious based societies. God was outside of you and the only way to salvation or divine experience was through your pastor or church. 

So Fortune Telling in the 1930s was the devil's work. 
So was midwifery. And Tattoos. 

With acceptance of Intuition, listening to inner guidance, being still enough to hear and tapping into universal energy, we are returning to a time of direct connection with the Divine. 

What that means for us is an awakening to our own power is inevitable. 

There will always be prophets, fortune tellers and seers who will use their gifts to offer guidance where our hearts and minds are not open enough. 

You will know you are in the presence of a true diviner, when they point you back to your own power. 

When I asked my mother was the fortune tellers told her, she always said the same thing "Only what I already knew, but didn't want to see" 


  1. i've never met a gypsy but this makes me so curious

    1. Hi Lovejoy Styles. The funny thing is that most women are naturally intuitive and we love to be free- a lot of similar qualities we have. Thanks for commenting!


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