20 September, 2014

Blessings and Starfish

I have been very blessed in many areas of my life in such a short period of time that I have had to accept a universal truth. What goes down, must come up.

What am I doing different that has caused all of the blessings to appear you may be asking. Absolutely nothing. By nothing, I mean- No Thing. I am not 'doing' anything. I am the wave that breaks on the sand. I am getting out of my own way and ALLOWING. That means me, you, the bus driver and everyone else. You can be you and I can be me.

Well, that's just lazy or not productive or just...boring. Nope, it is a new way for me of being. 'Doing' Yoga did not bring me this peace. 'Doing' meditation did not teach me how to be in meditation. 'Working' on my business ideas did not get anywhere except to nosedive into procrastination.

But then, a loud message came to me about being. Just being in my space. In my soul space inside where there is always a compass point I can return to. And if I can get there, every single person can get there. I am not responsible for getting them there, I am responsible for minding my own business. My earth school business. And in doing that, it sets an example. An unconditional example that is 100% optional of following.

Every single one of my friends are all going through the same strange metamorphosis in thinking right now. People who have lost jobs, changed jobs, moved, lost family members, welcomed babies, dissolved relationships and entered new ones are all experiencing this 'Shift' in perspective. How many times have you heard strangers say lately "Everything is falling into place now" Even the stuff that seems to have brought only chaos and misery on the outside is transparent with deeper meaning. LIFE IS GOING TO GO UP. LIFE IS GOING TO GO DOWN. It's okay. Allow it. Don't fight it, breathe, hit your reset button and return to your soul space.

What miracles may happen? What strange messages or humorous events might occur when you stay open to energy?

My amazing group of friends and I were out totally supporting a new restaurant venture of a friend and between rounds of deliciously intoxicating drinks and world renowned cheese, the mussels held a surprise. You must be my lucky star!

Why Patrick, how lovely of you to join us!

02 August, 2014

Volunteer in Hawaii - No Brainer

Kalani, Hawaii

On the top of my list of manifesting is "go to Hawaii". How amazing that I found Kalani  - a retreat that is not only run by volunteers, but is non profit and gives back to Puna, one of the poorest districts in Hawaii.

There are tons of things about this retreat that I love. Not the least of which is daily Yoga classes and a aquaponic garden that feeds the staff and guests. But you can be a Volunteer there! You can stay for a month, two months or even three months.

For most people, getting the time off work is an impossibility, but that is why manifesting is so important. Where there is a will, there is a way!

Just watch the video and be inspired by others who have managed to make the trek.

 Hawaii 2015 here I come!